Better Roads and Infrastructure for India : Less Carbon Emissions

Welcome to Green Road Solutions

As India continues to grow fast and to catch up with the West and developed countries around the World, it will have a huge need to access Western technology and know-how.

Green Road Solutions has been established to identify Western technology and know-how to take to India in the infrastructure sector.

The Company is, therefore, constantly seeking to acquire access to new world-class technologies to take to India to sit alongside the technologies and companies it is already actively promoting and seeking to deploy in India.

India plans to spend $514 billion on infrastructure in the five years to 2011-12.

However, the Indian Prime Minister, Manmohan Singh, says that India needs to double its infrastructure spending to $1 trillion in the five years to 2016-17 to achieve 10% plus annual growth, which is the growth rate being targeted by the Indian Government. (India is currently growing at about 8 to 8.5% per annum and is expected to increase to 9% by 2011-12.)

The Indian National Highways Development Programme is one of the largest such programmes in the world and was recently stepped up so as to achieve the target of 7000 km per year.

This is in addition to road development programmes at State level, where huge investment is also being made in roads, as well as other infrastructure projects.

Green Road Solutions represents, and is working with, a number of world-class Western technologies in the infrastructure space to take to India. Through its extensive network of friends and business contacts in India, it is able to introduce these technologies to leading infrastructure and other companies in India, so that these technologies can be deployed widely in projects throughout India, in conjunction, and in partnership, with the technology owners in the West.

The opportunities for Western companies in India often dwarf the opportunities which are currently available to them in their own jurisdictions in the current economic cycle, while, at the same time, providing invaluable assistance to India in revolutionising its out-dated, and often inadequate, infrastructure.

India is now generally anticipated to become one of the World's three largest economies by 2050, alongside the US and China. However, in order to achieve this, India will have to thoroughly up-date and modernise its infrastructure. This can only be achieved realistically by, amongst other things, taking advantage of many of the technologies which have been perfected in the West.